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EMC Training Course – Site Based

Location: Your SitePlease contact for course dates. Duration (days): 1


In industrial automation the use of switching devices such as variable speed drives, whose switching frequency is likely to increase in the future, makes the likelihood of sporadic production outages due to the effects of EMC  issues more likely. EMC Training

Those people / organisations involved in industrial automation and associated networks like PROFIBUS and PROFINET and need to conform to the IEE Wiring Regulations (BS 7671) will find this course most useful. The one-day training course covers a topic that continues to bring many misconceptions and challenges for both experienced technicians and engineers alike.

This course, which includes practical exercises and demonstrations, aims to provide key players with the knowledge to make informed decisions during the design, installation and commissioning phases and ensure reliability of associated industrial networks and control systems.

Control Specialists Ltd provide training and support to the process and factory automation industries. We provide site-based and scheduled training courses and are active members of PROFIBUS and PROFINET International and are a PI-accredited Training Centre (PITC).

Peter Thomas of Control Specialists Ltd has been the Chairman of the PROFIBUS and PROFINET International Training Centre Working Group since 2015.

Contact us on +44(0)1925 824003 or see the training pages of this site for dates of scheduled training courses.

Control Specialists Ltd - EMC Awareness for Industrial Automation Systems - V1.2