PID Loop Optimisation


PID Loop Tuning Support

PID Controllers are the workhorses of industrial automated process control yet are often neglected when it comes to ensuring that they are optimised to a process. Our PID Loop Tuning support capabilities may be of interest to you.

Poor tuning can hide under lying process issues which can lead to deterioration in system response and product quality. We have practical experience in identifying and resolving issues associated with Single loop PID Control, Cascade Control, Feed forward, Gain Scheduling, PV Filtering, Deadtime dominant systems, Valve Oversizing, Hysterisis, Stiction and incorrect characterisation. See the Training Courses page of this site for information on scheduled PID training courses.

We have experience in the use of several loop optimisation applications such as ProTuner from Techmation and PID Loop Optimizer / PlantTriage from ExperTune

See the  Control Specialists Services section of the Downloads page of this site for further information about our capabilities.

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