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Whether you are wanting assistance with the design of your PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks or need support in resolving a problem with PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CANBus or ASi networks, we can help you.

Fieldbus technology, and more recently Ethernet-based communications, are frequently used to facilitate communications between the main components of an automated control system. PROFIBUS has been around since the early 90’s and continues to be the dominant fieldbus the UK. PROFINET, is now appearing in new installations and is fast becoming the industrial Ethernet network of choice for 21st-century automation systems.

Control Specialists Ltd are a PROFIBUS and PROFINET International Competency Centre (PICC) which gives us a manufacturer-independent aspect and expertise in these widely-used technologies. Peter Thomas of Control Specialists Ltd is the Technical Officer of PI UK.


PROFINET is the network of the 21st century and often referred to as the “backbone of IIoT and Industry 4.0”. Very well described in the Indu-Sol “PROFINET the Movie” video at the bottom of this page, PROFINET is an Ethernet-based industrial communications protocol that performs a similar task to PROFIBUS DP but with the added benefit of being able to support multiple protocols such as HTTP, SNMP and OPC in the same cable.

Our engineers have Certified PROFINET Installer and Certified PROFINET Engineer accreditation as well as the latest tools to assist in identifying and resolving network-related problems. For details about our scheduled and site-based PROFINET training courses, please go to the Training Courses page of this site


PROFIBUS is a well established network with over 50 million devices having being sold world wide. Developed in the late 1980’s and considered a legacy network by some, PROFIBUS continues to play a major part in the UK automation industry. Our engineers have Certified PROFIBUS Installer and Certified PROFIBUS Engineer accreditation as well as the latest tools to assist in identifying and resolving network-related problems. For details about our scheduled and site-based PROFIBUS training courses, please go to the Training Courses page of this site.


We can help you with the support of CANBus systems that use the CANOpen or DeviceNet protocols and can also provide site-based training courses.


IO-Link takes plant-based communications down to devices that have been excluded from direct network connection in the past. It allows Ethernet-based networks to reach the sensor and actuator level using conventional 3-wire cabling. AS-i on the other hand has other benefits and continues to be used in manufacturing industries.


As well as having our own Certified PROFIBUS and Certified PROFINET Installers and Engineers, as an authorised solutions partner of Indu-Sol, manufacturers of diagnostic and monitoring tools for industrial networks, we have access to a team of experts in this field.


We are active members of the UK PROFIBUS and PROFINET Regional Association and regularly give presentations on their behalf. We also work closely with PROFIBUS and PROFINET International, the vendor-independent organisation responsible for development, certification, marketing and training of the two technologies.

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This website outlines the services provided by Control Specialists and their relationship with PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI), the vendor-independent organisation responsible for the development of PROFIBUS and PROFINET. It also provides details of our partners, Procentec, manufacturers of monitoring and diagnostic tools for Industrial Networks.