Profitrace Ultra PRO PROFIBUS DP / PA Troubleshooting Kit

Manufacturer: Procentec

Part No: 38022

Available To Rent: No

The Procentec PROFIBUS Ultra Pro Troubleshooting Toolkit is an ideal tool for  troubleshooting and maintenance of PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA networks. An PROFIBUS Ultra Plus version is available for  support of PROFIBUS DP networks only.

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The Procentec ProfiTrace Ultra PRO is a PROFIBUS DP / PROFIBUS PA Troubleshooting kit and contains the following items:

ProfiCore Ultra RS485 USB / RS485 Interface (Part No 30020)

USB cable to connect the ProfiCore to a PC.

ProfiTrace 2 Software

ScopeWare Licence for visualistaion of RS485 waveforms (Part No 23010)

Bar graph

Topology Scan Licence (Part Number 26010)


Tap Connector – Sub-D (Part Number 13020)

Blue carrying case

OPC Server Licence (Part Number 101-00231B)

PA Probe Ultra for PA Network Support (Part Number 14020)

ProfiCaptain Licence to provide Class 1 /2 Master capability (Part Number 22020)

Dimensions (LxWxH mm) -356 x  303 x 90
Weight (g) – 1540

UK Support for all of your Industrial Network Support and Training needs.

As an Authorised Solutions Partner of Procentec, Control Specialists Ltd are able to provide sales and technical support on all of their industrial network monitoring and diagnostic tools. See the Industrial Network Support and Training Course pages of this site for details of how we may also be able to help you and your team with the support of your PROFIBUS, PROFINET , CANBUS and AS-i networks.

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Procentec Profitrace Ultra PRO


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Profitrace Ultra PRO PROFIBUS DP / PA Troubleshooting Kit

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