PROFIHUB B2+ : 3 Segment PROFIBUS DP Hub with Diagnostics

Part No: 17210R

Available To Rent: No

The ProfiHub B2+ enables wide-ranging RS 485 star/tree/bus segments and long spur lines for PROFIBUS DP installations in IP 20 environments. It is a straightforward and robust network component made to design flexible and object oriented networks. When redundancy is enabled, the ProfiHub B2+ is transformed to an extremely reliable and cost-saving redundant repeater solution. What makes this repeater unique?


The ProfiHub B2+R is equipped with two galvanically isolated transparent repeaters (offering three segments). Each segment can handle 31 devices and a cable length equal to the main bus. To save costs on plugs and to offer flexibility, the repeater contains screw terminals as well as DB9 connectors. Termination for each segment is on-board and switchable.

If bus redundancy is enabled, two segments will form a redundant pair which is completely compatible with the ABB RLM01. An alarm contact is linked to events based on the status of the power supply and the bus redundancy status.

Dimensions (LxWxH mm) -109 x 113 x 35
Weight (g) – 328

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PROFIHUB B2+ : 3 Segment PROFIBUS DP Hub with Diagnostics

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