PROFIBUS DP SUB-D Screw Connector with PG

Manufacturer: Helmholz

Part No: 700-972-0BB12

Available To Rent: No

A good quality PROFIBUS DP screw connector with integral piggy back socket for use with stranded-core cables.


A good-quality, metallic connector for PROFIBUS DP networks with screw connectors for use on stranded core cables.

With a rated temperature range of -25’C to +85’C, the connector has easily identifiable IN and OUT ports with outgoing isolation when the integral terminating resistor is turned on – ideal when faulting finding.  The connector also has a piggy back socket to allow PROFIBUS analysers to connect to the network. Connectors with piggy back sockets should be placed at the start and end of every PROFIBUS segment as an absolute minimum as doing so assists in diagnosing faults.

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PROFIBUS DP SUB-D Screw Connector with PG

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